ESVGA – Who are we?

The ESVGA aims to provide competition golf at a variety of golf courses in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs for golfers over the age of 55. We cater for golfers of all abilities who have an official Golf Australia handicap.

Important notice for the game at Churchill Park.

Churchill-Waverley G.C. has kindly allowed the ESVGA to play on 3rd August
on condition that the following COVID-19 regulations are adhered to.

  1. A 1 tee start only (1st)
  2. Social distancing at all times
  3. Start time 7:16 with players teeing off at 7-minute intervals.
  4. On arrival at the course, players can set up the golf clubs and buggies and park them next to their car.
  5. After setting up their equipment players must then return to their car where they must remain until 10 minutes before their tee-time.
  6. Player’s names and contact details must be submitted to the club. (the committee will arrange that)
  7. Players collect scorecards from the pro shop and record their own score.
  8. Players must also record their partner’s score and sign the card.
  9. No touching the flagstick, no shared sand buckets, no handshakes & no sharing cards.
  10. Bunkers are in play, preferred lies of 1 club length apply. Rakes have been removed.
  11. No hire equipment, including golf clubs, pull buggies or golf carts, may be made available for hire under any circumstances.
  12. Club competitions should not be conducted, but handicapping of scores through non-contact means is allowed. (we will be running our normal competitions)
  13. Leave your scorecard in the collection box on completion of your round including DNFs.
  14. Leave the course straight after the game.

The Association schedules competition games once per month, usually on the first or second Monday of the month, at mostly private clubs but also at some of the better public courses in the outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. We play monthly competitions in grades A, B and C with prizes awarded to first, second and third place in each grade. We conduct nearest the pin competitions for each grade and have a generous ball run-down for non-winners.

Membership of the East Suburban Veteran Golfers Association Inc. (ESVGA) is available to all golfers over the age of 55 with an official Golf Australia handicap.

In 2019 we will be playing shotgun starts at 11 different courses, starting at 8:30 am except during daylight savings time. Your modest game fee also includes prizes and lunch with refreshments available at all courses.

We were formed in December 1984 and have a steady membership of 160 plus players from over 30 different clubs.

The ESVGA is 1 of 21 autonomous golf districts within Victoria associated with the Victorian Veteran Golfers Association (VVGA).