Heat Policy


Note: This policy document has been prepared utilizing information sourced from the Victorian Golf Association and Woman’s golf Victoria.


The East Suburban Veteran Golfers Associations Committee has introduced this policy to reduce the risk of heat related injury to players involved in association events. The document contains a number of guidelines to assist players in recognising and managing heat stress.

  1. Commencement / Cessation of play

1.1 Player Discretion

In circumstances of extreme hot weather and humidity, it is recommended that players consider the conditions carefully before commencing play.

During association competitions held between November 1st and April 30th any competitor may withdraw at their discretion either before or during the event due to hot weather / humidity conditions.

If the Bureau of Meteorology forecast temperature at 5pm on the day prior to an event is 40 Degrees or more (women 38 degrees or more), the Committee, or its representative, may postpone the event.

  1. Heat Stress/Illness Prevention

2.1   Hydration

A key factor to minimise the risk of heat related illness is appropriate hydration by all players. High levels of dehydration can increase the risk of heat related illness. It is recommended that players take note of the following guidelines:

Players should drink either cooled water or sports drink before playing to promote adequate hydration.

During a round of golf, each player should drink cooled fluid at regular intervals to replace fluid lost through sweating.

Following completion of the round, each player should drink cooled water/sports drink To rehydrate him or herself.

It should be noted that in conditions of high sweat loss, the consumption of excessively large quantities of fluid without additional sodium, may increase the risk of low blood sodium, so aim only to drink enough to replace losses.

On days of high temperature, it is recommended that alcohol be avoided as a hydration aid.

2.2       Clothing

Within the club’s dress guidelines, it is recommended that players wear light coloured, loose fitting clothes with high absorption properties and that provide good ventilation.

2.3      Hats and Sunscreen

It is recommended that all players wear hats to assist in the prevention of heat illness. Ideally, hats should be wide-brimmed and well ventilated.

Players should apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF rating of 30+ prior to a round, and re-apply a minimum of every 2 hours.

2.4      Resting in Shaded Areas

Wherever possible, during a round of golf in hot weather conditions, players should take advantage of naturally shaded areas when not actively playing strokes. Players are also encouraged to utilise other artificial shade such as umbrellas and on-course structures.

Note: Such use of shaded areas should not compromise normal speed of play requirements.


  1. Prior Medical Conditions

Any player with a pre-existing medical condition or illness that may exacerbate the risk of heat illness should take every precaution or consider excluding him or her from participation during hot weather conditions. It is recommended that players with a pre-existing medical condition and /or illness consult a medical practitioner for advice prior to playing golf in hot weather conditions.

The Eastern Suburban Veteran Golfers Association assumes no responsibility for any medical situation in relation to a player with a pre-existing medical condition or illness. However, all efforts will be made to provide assistance to any player experiencing difficulties on the course or in the club environs.