ESVGA Constitution

ESVGA Constitution

The Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (and its associated Regulations) governs the operations of incorporated bodies such as the ESVGA and establishes model rules for us to follow. As permitted by the Act some alterations were made to the standard rules to more closely reflect the ESVGA objectives. The variations were minor and approved at a Special General Meeting of the ESVGA held on 5th August 2013.

The ESVGA Constitution as approved by Consumer Affairs Victoria is a document 36 pages long so will not be reproduced here. However you can request a copy by contacting the Secretary.

The following headings after Part 1 below, are those used in the ESVGA Constitution and are intended to give an overview only.

1 Name
The name of the incorporated association is “East Suburban Veterans Golfers Association Incorporated”.

2 Purposes
The purposes of the association are—

  • To promote and conduct for the benefit of Veteran Golfers the game of golf and other such sports, games, socials, entertainment and recreations, indoor and outdoor as the Association may deem expedient.
  • To raise money by entrance fees, subscriptions and other payments payable by members and to grant rights and privileges to members:
  • To promote and hold either alone or jointly with any other Association, Club or persons, golf meetings, competitions, matches and other sports and to offer, give or contribute towards prizes, medals and awards:
  • To establish a bank account and to draw, make, accept, endorse, sign and issue cheques and other negotiable instruments:
  •  To affiliate with the Victorian Veteran Golfers Association or such other body as may be established to control Veteran Golfers Associations or Clubs in Victoria.

3     Financial Year
The financial year of the Association is each period of 12 months ending on 30th September.

4     Definitions
Refer ESVGA Constitution for a full list of definitions
Veteran Golfer means a person who

1   Has attained the age of 55 years and
2   Is an amateur golfer and
3   Is a life, honorary, or otherwise playing member  of  a golf club affiliated with the Australian Golf Union (or its successor body) and has a playing handicap recognised by:

  • The Australian Golf Union (or its successor body) or
  • A veterans golfer’s association, body or club affiliated with Australian Veterans Golfers Union (or its successor body) or
  • Is a person accepted by the Australian Veterans Golfers Union (or its successor body) or the Association as a visitor to Australia for international veterans golfers competition

5     Powers of Association
6     Not for Profit Organisation


 Division 1—Membership
7     Minimum numbers of members
8     Who is eligible to be a member?
9     Application for membership
10   Consideration of application
11   New Membership
12   Annual subscription and joining fee
13   General rights of members
14   Life Members
15   Rights not transferable
16   Cessation of membership
17   Resignation
18   Register of members 

Division 2—Disciplinary action
19   Grounds for taking disciplinary action
20   Disciplinary subcommittee
21   Notice to member
22   Decision of Sub Committee
23   Appeal rights
24   Conduct of disciplinary appeal meeting  

Division 3—Grievance procedure
25   Application
26   Parties must attempt to resolve the dispute
27   Appointment of mediator
28   Mediation process
29   Failure to resolve dispute by mediation

30   Annual general meetings
31   Special general meetings
32   Special general meeting held at request of members
33   Notice of general meetings
34   Proxies
35   Use of technology
36   Quorum at general meetings
37   Adjournment of general meeting
38   Voting at general meeting
39   Special resolutions
40   Determining whether resolution carried
41   Minutes of general meeting


 Division 1—Powers of Committee
42   Role and powers
43   Delegation

 Division 2—Composition of Committee and duties of Members
44   Composition of Committee
45   General Duties
46   Presidents and Vice-President
47   Secretary
48   Treasurer

 Division 3—Election of Committee Members and Tenure of Office
49   Eligibility
50   Positions to be declared vacant
51   Nominations
52   Elections of President etc.
53   Election of ordinary members
54   Ballot
55   Term of office
56   Vacation of office
57   Filling casual vacancies

 Division 4—Meetings of Committee
58   Meetings of Committee
59   Notice of meetings
60   Urgent meetings
61   Procedure and order of business
62   Use of technology
63   Quorum
64   Voting
65   Conflict of interest
66   Minutes of meeting
67 Leave of absence

68   Source of funds
69   Management of funds
70   Financial records
71   Financial statements

72   Common seal
73   Registered address
74   Notice requirements
76   Winding up and cancellation
77   Alteration of Rules
78   Auditor
79   Competition Rules