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*  July – Ringwood in Winter
*  June – Waterford Valley a washout
  May – Autumn at Cardinia Beaconhills
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Yering Meadows on April Fools Day
Mar.New ESVGA course Berwick Montuna popular
Best field for 12 months at Gardiners Run
Jan. – 2019 off to a good start at Eastwood.

Ringwood in Winter – 1st July

Ringwood golf course was in good condition considering the week of rain leading up to the game. The day was mainly overcast with the odd sunny periods and no rain. A good field enjoyed the day with winners scoring in the high thirties.

John Mathews putts, watched on by Dave Rogers left and Taff Davies

John Mathews putts, watched on by Dave Rogers left and Taff Davies

Taff Davies tees off

Taff Davies tees off on the Par 3 3rd 182 metres

Waterford Valley a washout – 3rd June

With predictions of severe storms the management at Waterford Valley kindly agreed to postpone the game to 9th December. Although the worst of the storms avoided the course carts would not have been allowed on course. Most members were appreciative of the change and are looking forward to the summer time spot.

(Posted 9/05/2019)

Autumn at Cardinia Beaconhills – 6th May

Tex van der Kooi watched by a gallery of Kangaroos on the Par 5 3rd hole.

At Beaconhills  Monday 6th May

Very pleasant weather was the order of the day at Beaconhills, although the atmosphere appeared quite heavy which seemed to reduce the distance even the good players were hitting. Once President Ron had sorted-out the cost of the hired carts, players headed for their respective tees.

Craig Cameron is rewarded for his thoughtfulness by winning A grade!

Paul Kennedy drives out of the rough.


Barry looks happy about his 3 month holiday up North






Neil smith and Ashley Mitchell wait patiently on the green.

Neil smith (left) and Ashley Mitchell wait patiently on the green.



Here the geese get some Huel fuel from Jack

The course’s many tabletop greens which were in very good condition, tested players, many of whom found them rather slick. Unfortunately, the fairways could not be considered to be of a consistent standard with several having been cut to the detriment of the overall grass cover. Many members found it difficult to get the ball off the ground. An indication was the fact that only one player scored over 40 points. Again, the issue of a slope rating of only 114 was raised.

Eddy Secker and Max Baxter check their scorecards.

Eddy Secker and Max Baxter check their scorecards.

Members were provided with tasty sandwiches and the staff were very obliging. Similar to last time, there were a few members who “lost their way” home and did some extra kilometres.



(Posted 10/04/2019)

Yering Meadows on April Fools Day – April

President R0n’s Aprils fools day joke of presenting pink NAGA balls to the worst scores in each grade fell a little flat when many commented “what a good idea”.

A grade winner Bill Bussau sights-up the distance

Amaury De Rosbo, Jeff Davies, Daniel Ervin and Bruce Robinson are happy to pose.

Keith Eddison follows through beautifully.

Yering Meadows Golf Club provided very good weather for our first 8.30 am start in 2019. A mix up with the end of Daylight Savings time saw us start later than normal.

The course was in good condition except for the bunkers where weekend rain had required all to be played as GUR.

Thus winning scores were all in the forties.

New member Nahad Harrak prepares to hit as Life Member Jack Melki watches on.

Sinking eagle putts is becoming quite common-place at Yering Meadows and two more were achieved by Trevor Watts Par 4 2nd and Tex Van Der Kooi Par 4 14th …well done to both of them. Checkout other achievements here.

As is the norm at Yering Meadows, all members were well catered-for by Pro Shop supervisor Craig and catering staff Sarah (events co-ordinator) and Jesse (bar co-ordinator).

Surveying the green is Gray Harrison watched on by David Waters, John McFarlane and Eivion Williams.

Alan Robinson and Don Clarke wait patiently.

Barry Smith & Neil Muller
for ESVGA Committee

(Posted 6/03/2019)

New ESVGA course Berwick Montuna popular – March

Visiting A New Course

Again our association dodged the recent hot weather when we visited Berwick-Montuna for the first time. The course was generally in very good condition. There was initially some concern about the layout with thirteen holes in one section and the remaining five being a considerable distance away. However, players adjusted well and except for some initial hiccups, play ran smoothly.

Gary Thompson marking his ball watched by Derek Wilson and Paul Crossman.

Paul Crossman watches Derek Wilson putting







The B-M GC management was very welcoming and catering was up to standard.                    Members appreciated the drink voucher and other than the unavailability of light beer, most players finished the round making positive reports on the day.

Several members commented-on Berwick-Montuna Golf Course’s close proximity to the      Cardinia-Beaconhills Golf Course and this will be discussed in a future committee meeting.

Panoramic view of Berwick Montuna famous Hole 10.

(Posted 6/02/2019)

Best field for 12 months at Gardiners Run – Feb. 2019

Our association sent out 124 players at Gardiners Run, being the highest total for more than twelve months. Despite the confusion on cart hire cost, players generally spoke favourably about the day.

Max Bracegirdle and Keith Eddison waiting for the siren.

John Whyte paying for his green fees.









Derek Wilson packs away his gear after an enjoyable round of golf.

Well done Graeme Fox who is returning his sand bucket.










Many high scores meant close results and players should be congratulated on the fact that few complaints of slow play were heard and most members had left the course by 2.00 pm.


Relaxed and enjoying themselves are Craig Cameron, David Finn, Horst Eberius and Dermot Magee.

(Posted 10/01/2019)

2019 off to a good start at Eastwood – January 2019

One hundred and ten golfers enjoyed Eastwood in magnificent condition, although the greens were a little fast for some non Eastwood members.

Tom Tarrant looks on as David Waters plays to the Par 3 2nd hole.

David Waters in trouble off the tee on the 379 metre Par 4 7th.

David Waters putting for Par on the 7th but settles for a 2 put boggy.

Neil Muller for ESVGA Committee