Current News & member Information

Current News & Member Information

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* Jan – Our 2023 year starts at Eastwood
* JanESVGA 2022 Champions receive their trophies
* DecFinal game for 2022 at Cardinia Beaconhills
* NovRound 2 – ESVGA Championship stroke
* OctRound 1 – ESVGA Championship stroke


Our 2023 year starts at Eastwood

” HAPPY NEW YEAR, Gentlemen. Let’s make it better than 2022—especially on the various courses we venture to!

104 ESVGA members played at Eastwood in January, and there is no better course to begin the new golfing year! There were some issues regarding the preparation and distribution of cards for the day’s play, but after these were overcome, we enjoyed the usual excellent hospitality, both on and off the course, that Eastwood always provides. Special mentions to Jake, (new Manager), Pete,( Club Pro), Louella and Linda ,( behind the bar), all of whom serviced us very well! It must also be mentioned that the course itself was in “tip-top” condition, so well done to the ground staff!

Bill Bernhardt, Ian Young & Derek Wilson waiting for the fairway to clear in the shade

Players teeing off the 15th hole

Alan Robinson (left) and Steuart Hawke seek the shade while walking the fairway

And, so to the day itself.
Trophies were presented to—Sam-Athans and Gary-Gray,( joint winners of the C-Grade Nett), to Graeme-Luxford,( B-Grade Nett winner), to David-Stephens,( A-Grade Nett winner) and to David-Borg, who was our overall Open Champion for 2022. Hearty congratulations to all 4 of them.

Steuart Hawke makes this great swing to the 14th green, closest to the hole and made par

Tee shots to the Par 3 14th hole.

Al Robinson follows Stuart Hawke’s shot onto the 14th green and also gets par

2022 ESVGA Champion David Borg hitting wide on the 14th

With regard to the daily comp results, we had a clear winner on the day—Alan-Young had two nines of 23 &20 for a sensational 43 points, to take home the top voucher by 3 clear points!! Our daily R/up was David-Borg, with a 40-point total—–which proved that his Championship “heroics” were no fluke!! NTP winners were as follows: Peter-Ridgwell,(A-grade), Peter-Webb,(b) and to Kenny-Steele,(C), who then proceeded to tell us how his tee shot won it for him—memorable, but also with a fair slice of luck! We finished the day with a long ball countdown that extended to 33,( meaning your poor old, harassed Pres got something for his troubles!!)

Jack Huel has lost his passenger

Jack Huel tees off while in the background, young Bill Bernhardt prepares for his next shot

New dress code for summer or has this player just fished his ball from the water

And so, onto quirky, challenging Berwick/Montuna, where they appear to have some “snaky” problems just at the moment.( A dozen sightings since the week before Christmas!!) If you wish to book a cart, then do it pronto, as they only have 10 available, I believe.

Excellent service from the bar staff

Neil Smith enjoying a sandwich and rest after the game

I hope to see many of you there. In the meantime, stay cool, enjoy your golf—-and especially—-stay SAFE!

Best wishes, Ron-H. (President—ESVGA).

ESVGA 2022 Champions receive their trophies

President Ron Hottes congratulates 2022 ESVGA Champion David Borg


2022 ESVGA Gross Champion

 David Borg


Championship Grade Winners

A Grade Nett – David Stevens

B Grade Nett – Graeme Luxford

C Grade Nett (Joint Winners) – Sam Athans & Gary Gray

Barry Smith congratulates A Grade Nett winner David Stevens

Barry Smith congratulates B Grade Nett Champion Graeme Luxford

Barry Smith congratulates C Grade Joint Nett winner Gary Gray

Barry Smith congratulates C grade Nett Winner Sam Athans accepted by Norm Kearns

Gross Champion plus Nett grades A, B and C(Joint winners)

Final game for 2022 at Cardinia Beaconhills

Gentlemen, let’s start with a number of important positives! Both I, and my Committee, are very appreciative that each and every year, for 6 years now, you, the members, have been really supportive in a number of ways. For example, the AGM, once again, was a smooth and supportive affair. It is gratifying to know that all of those present at Beacon-Hills were both respectfully attentive, and agreeable with the items on the Agenda. Congratulations to ALL of my current Committeemen for being successfully renominated to another 12 months of service to YOU—the members. Also, hearty congratulations to Sam-Athans on his nomination to join us, with a view to replacing Barry-Smith this time next year. ( Is Barry replaceable?!?) I also have news about a potential nomination to fill the much-waited-for Secretary’s role—–but more about that when it, hopefully, becomes official in January!! In the meantime, my personal thanks to all on my Committee for the roles they play, and the hard work they put in. A special mention to Ken-Batrouney, as he takes on the all-important Treasurer’s job for the next 12 months—-at least!

Ken Batrouney and Ron Hottes are almost ready to leave for their respective tee as 8 am approaches

Greg Kyriazis putts while Peter Jones and Robin Ladd look on.

And so, onto golfing matters. A special note of appreciation to the ESVGA Championship trophy winners, for their understanding, as the said trophies were still at home at a Committeeman’s house after he kindly offered to collect them as a favour to me!! But we had plenty of winners on the day, led by Peter-Mastertoun. Peter posted a “slashing” 43 points to take home the top voucher, and “bragging rights”—-at least until January 9th, when we all meet again at popular Eastwood! Ian-Young grabbed the R/up prize, by accumulating a healthy 42 points. Also getting his name in the paper was the ever-consistent Alan-Robinson, having 40 points next to his name! Noel-Cross won the A-Grade NTP, Neville-Evans collected the B-Grade one for the 2nd month in a row, and Rod-Coling collected the C-Grade one showing there is still some good golf in the old warrior yet!!

Barry Smith hitting off a bad lie. Watched by Rod Coling & Eivion Williams

David Stevens, Ian Urquhardt and Peter Gounas waiting to hit off

Unknown member

Finally, I would like to wish all of our wonderful members joyous wishes for Christmas. Part of the reason the ESVGA is held in such high regard is because of the stability and ambience that surrounds our membership. I hope 2023 provides plenty of birdies on-course, but more importantly gives you health and happiness ongoing.
With that thought in mind, it would also be remiss of me not to wish Derek all the best for his upcoming procedure, and also to our wonderful Membership Secretary, Neil, for improved health sooner-rather-than-later!!
I look forward to seeing many of you at beautiful Eastwood in the New-Year.

Sam Athans putts watched by Greg Kyriazis

President Ron Hottes waiting for Barry to hit

Life member Dave Rogers strides out

One more Churchillian saying, to conclude—“In the course of my life, I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I have always found it a wholesome diet!!”
Enjoy the festive season, members!!

Ron Hottes

Round 2 ESVGA Championship at Gardiners Run

” The 2nd Round of our ESVGA Championships was scheduled to be played at the favourite course of many of our members—Gardiner’s-Run. The weather turned out to be fairly warm, but with a pleasant breeze, and plenty of cloud-cover as the morning wore on! With a very healthy field of 112, we were clearly in front on the day!
The course was in surprisingly good condition, and as always, we were treated wonderfully well by Josh and his staff—a credit to their professionalism! A special mention to their new Manager, Dean, who made a late, but VERY popular decision to allow carts on the course. Although one of our members felt the need to “take the microphone” to publicly thank Barry-Smith for this decision, (and Barry was part of this process), it was a local member who foresaw the need to have a quiet word with Dean just a couple of days before, which caused the “rethink”. Thank you, B.B.

Picturesque view of the Par-3 third hole at Gardiners Run

A picture of concentration, Bill Bernhardt tees off on the 7th

Dave Borg’s putt for eagle on the 17th hole.

Anyway, a pleasant day was had by all, with the raffle confusion being the only “sour point” on the day. ( I apologise for this problem occurring–I take full responsibility for this hiccup!) There were plenty of very good scores recorded—and a similar number of less-than-acceptable ones!
No other score posted could get anywhere near the outstanding Nett 63 posted by David-Borg on the day! And, I better mention his eagle on the 17th, because I missed mentioning it during Presentation! The way he achieved it thrilled his group, because it was not far off being an ALBATROSS!!Hearty congratulations on both achievements, David! The daily R/up was Tony-Moore with a Nett 68, on a countback from Jack-Huel (68). Also, nice to see Neville-Evans grab an NTP on his favourite hole!!

Ed Farrell, Greg Allen, Noel Blythe and Brendan White before they head down the slope to the 5th green.

Bill Bernhardt plays over the bunker to the 6th green. Mt Dandenong in the background.

Dave Behan holing out on the 18th watched by Bill Bernhardt

ESVGA Championship results can now be declared. No surprise to announce that our Open Champion is David-Borg, shooting 83 at Yering, then 74 “off the stick”, at G/Run! Clearly a deserved winner. Our Nett Champions were as follows. A-Grade was won by David-Stephens, with a combined Nett score of 139. ( David-Borg had a better Nett score, but Committee had agreed at their last meeting that a member could only win ONE title, and I figured the Open-Champion title would be what David would prefer!!) The R/up in A-Grade was, therefore, Alan-Young,(Nett 142). Our B-Grade Champion is Graeme-Luxford with a Nett 138—congrats, Graeme. And the R/up was Daryl-Dyer, who had led after the 1st round, and still had a decent score at Gardiner’s-Run! Finally, we had a tie in C-Grade, and the Committee had also decided to “pay out” on both if a tie occurred—it did! Great result for our joint C-Grade Champions, in Sam-Athans,( new Committee member!) and Gary-Gray who both posted a combined Nett 141. Ironically, they both recorded identical two-round Nett scores of 70/71!! Peter-Hopgood was the official R/up in C-Grade. Sincere congratulations to all our new Champions—and R/up!

Runner up Tony Moore teeing off on the 7th hole

Bill Bissau admires Ron Hottes putting style

These players found the only hill on the course. They must be from Warburton!

And so, onto quirky, challenging Beacon-Hills on December 5th, for our Christmas breakup—and presentation of trophies to all the winners! We look forward to seeing a large field there. 8.00am start again!
Finally, a small request. Could you please give some feedback to any one of our current Committee re; your preference for a single-round OR 2-round Championship? This year was a trial and we need to find out what our members think.
In the meantime, see you at Beacon-Hills—–or if you’re not playing there, then see you in 2023!
Regards, Ron-H ( President!)

Round 1 ESVGA Championship at Yering Meadows

And so, the 1st Round of our ESVGA Championships is complete.

As expected, on a lovely day for golf, a “bumper” field of 102 eager members tackled the challenging Nursery course at Yering. And, also as expected, some of us handled the challenge well, and others—–struggled!

Firstly, to the daily results! Topping the list of “high achievers” was Daryl-Dyer with a superb Nett—65! This result was followed by Ray-Masters, ( a guest on the day), with a Nett 67; then finishing on the podium also was—David-Waters, who posted an impressive Nett—68! There were plenty who posted Nett scores in the low 70’s, so lots of the field acquitted themselves well over the challenging Nursery course! ( We actually saw the ball rundown extend to Nett 76!)

Bobby Smith and Ashley Mitchell watch Ashley’s shot

Gerard Fogarty gives us a smile

As always, we were well attended to by Angela and her staff, in the Clubhouse, also by Dillon and his assistant in the Pro-Shop. As an aside, it was great to welcome 4 visitors to our day, plus 3 new members!
We now turn our attention to the ever-popular Gardiner’s-Run, where the 2nd round of the ESVGA Championships will be played. In the Open event, David-Stephens is leading with a very competent 80 “off-the-stick!” He is closely followed by Daryl-Dyer, who posted an impressive 82.

Finally, Gentlemen, a timely reminder that our Christmas game is at quirky and unique Beacon-Hills, where we will also hold our AGM. Please consider joining our hard-working Committee, as an extra body, or two, just helps to share the load! We also intend having a complimentary drink voucher for that day, to share the Christmas spirit!

Ian Young waits on the 6th tee

Rip Byrdy lines up his drive

But, in the meantime, Gents, come prepared for a full-on day at Gardiner’s-Run, where your ever-positive President will try to ,finally, birdie his favourite hole. ( the superb 5th!!)
Good golfing, Gentlemen, over the next month!!
Regards, Your optimistic Pres!! (Ron Hottes)

ESVGA Team Championship representatives: Andrew McMath Ray Cross, Ron Hottes, Noel Blythe, Ian Young and Peter Hopgood